Dr. Al Sassoon is one of the leading ob/gyns in New York City. He is a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist who has been in practice in Manhattan for over 30 years. His private concierge medical practice provides individualized care for all aspects of obstetrics as well as gynecology for women from all over New York City, the Tri-State area including Westchester and Long Island as well as from across the country. He was named one of "America's Top Doctors" in 2013.


Dr. Sassoon is recognized as one of the best in the field of ob/gyn. His mission is to provide personalized ob/gyn care to all patients who enter his office.


Dr. Sassoon is a warm, charismatic physician, who has dedicated his practice to customizing care for each patient’s specific needs. He strongly believes in educating patients, and providing them with all the necessary background information so they can understand all aspects of any gynecological procedure they may need, or in the case of obstetrics: the prenatal, delivery, and postpartum procedures. In doing so, he feels that his patients will able to feel more involved in the care they are receiving.


There are no time limits to his appointments because he believes in spending as much time as necessary for any particular patient to feel comfortable. From the moment of arrival at his Park Avenue office, to the end of the appointment, a patient will feel at ease.


His staff members are compassionate, friendly and efficiently accomplish tasks ranging from insurance claims to appointment scheduling. With the exception of emergency situations, all patients are seen within five to ten minutes upon arrival. Dr. Sassoon is particularly attentive to patients, and is always diligent to answer questions, follow through with test results and returns phone calls in a very timely manner.


Those who find themselves in Dr. Sassoon's office are guaranteed to have his full attention because he insists on maintaining a low patient-to-physician ratio. Patients receive his expert opinion on all obstetrical and gynecological issues, and will be in the company of a passionate, competent and experienced physician. It is for that reason that he attracts patients from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx and beyond.


For surgeries and special procedures, Dr. Sassoon teams with a specific group of highly qualified physicians and nurses at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.


Unlike other concierge-styled or boutique medical offices, Dr. Sassoon does not require a subscription or membership fee. He fees are only based on the services each patient needs.