We were referred to Dr. Sassoon during our first pregnancy when we were experiencing severe complications. It was a devastating time and we felt disregarded by the factory-like ob/gyn group we were using. Luckily, a family member immediately called Dr. Sassoon, who without hesitation brought us in for an exam. That very same day he reached out to his incredibly wide network and we had appointments with some of the best specialists in New York. We were finally being taking care of.

Dr. Sassoon helped us recover from that tragedy and we were so overjoyed to visit him again when we got pregnant for the second time. From the very beginning, we knew that Dr. Sassoon's experience, knowledge and compassion would guide us through this pregnancy. Little did we know that our faith would be tested so soon after our first pregnancy. During our initial exam, Dr. Sassoon detected that we were pregnant with twins that shared the same sac and placenta. Though it was too early to detect whether a membrane separated the twins, he thoroughly explained the situation and the risks. Recognizing that this was yet another complicated pregnancy, he nevertheless kept us calm and focused. Dr. Sassoon immediately referred us to a maternal fetal specialist for a sonography. The two would work in tandem to ensure that we were receiving the highest level of care and monitoring.

Happily during our first appointment with the maternal fetal specialist, the membrane separating the twins was detected. Dr. Sassoon knew as soon as we did because he made sure he was contacted immediately after the sonogram was concluded - he was genuinely happy for us.

Despite the bit of positive news, Dr. Sassoon was honest with us about the high risks associated with this pregnancy. He laid out a full program, made all of our appointments and set the "rules of the road" - he was going to do all he could to get us to a healthy delivery.

In the end, we made it to 35 weeks, 5 days, which is incredible for a twin gestation, and on November 27, 2013, Dr. Sassoon delivered our two beautiful healthy baby girls. Our whole family is forever grateful to him.

- November 2013 patient