Nancy SnellDr. Sassoon is a wonderful, compassionate, caring man and extraordinary physician.

I am a sixty something NYC wife, mother and business professional; consequently have had access to great doctors.

Dr. Sassoon operated on me four weeks ago. I had uterine cancer which, had I not gone to Dr. Sassoon for a second opinion, might not have even been diagnosed at all!

I knew I was in great hands as he decisively and emphatically said that I needed a D & C, which was the only way to see what was really going on. We discovered that I had what turned out to be very early stage uterine cancer and would need a full hysterectomy.

Dr. Sassoon immediately took control. He managed my case as if we were family. He called me from his vacation to compassionately and respectfully tell me about the pathology report along with every detail about the course of treatment. He had already spoken with my insurance provider and set up a cat scan for me. Within days I was operated on by Dr. Sassoon, along with his gynecological oncologist Dr Lallas (another rock star). I returned home in three days after major surgery feeling great. His post-op care and follow through was impeccable.

My story has a happy ending and for this I will always be eternally grateful to Dr. Sassoon and his entire staff - both in the office and at Lenox Hill hospital, for taking such great care of me. 

- Nancy Snell, CPC, PCC

Executive Productivity, Business and ADHD Coach

Author of The Distracted Executive Blog