As soon as I discovered I was pregnant, I made an appointment with the infamous Dr. Al Sassoon.  Countless friends of mine had told my husband and me endless stories about “the best doctor in the world” and when it came time to choose an obstetrician he was our first call.  Five minutes into meeting Dr. Sassoon I could not imagine the next nine months without him.  To say that he provided the absolute best care for me and my baby is an understatement; his skills and knowledge of everything prenatal is undeniable, but his compassion and genuine care for his patients make it impossible to imagine ever using another doctor.

Around month six of my pregnancy we discovered that my daughter was breech.  At the time, the idea of having a cesarean section instead of a natural birth was unimaginable to me.  When she did not turn by week 38, we decided to schedule the c-section and although I was extremely nervous, Dr.  Sassoon assured me everything would be fine. The morning of my delivery I arrived at Lenox Hill hospital and the head nurse of labor and delivery was waiting for me at the entrance.  She immediately admitted me into a private recovery room where she prepped me for surgery and explained to my husband and me the events of the day ahead of us.  Each member of the surgical/anesthesia team came in to introduce themselves as well, and to explain what each of their roles were.  Any nerves that were left at that point were completely gone.  

The section went absolutely perfect and my daughter was born within minutes.  Dr. Sassoon was an immaculate surgeon and I thank him for my easy recovery and lack of pain.  He checked on me each morning and afternoon during my stay at the hospital, as did the other members of the surgical team.  The maternity nurses were by far the best that have ever cared for me and offered endless
care and guidance.  They also made it very clear to my husband and me that Dr. Sassoon is highly respected at Lenox Hill, and that is reflected in the care they provide to his patients.

We are overwhelmed with happiness and forever grateful that Dr. Sassoon came into our lives.  Post-pregnancy I continue to use him as my gynecologist, and when we are ready for our second child the decision for an obstetrician is already made.  His immense knowledge and gifted hands brought our daughter safely into our lives and she will forever hear stories of the amazing doctor who delivered her.

- March 2014 patient