I've been seeing Al for many years, and he handled my two pregnancies...one that worked out and one that did not. He was wonderful, kind and professional during both pregnancies and ever since. I find him to be knowledgeable, reassuring, helpful, patient and easily available. In fact, he's my favorite doctor in the world. The only downside is that you have to pay out of pocket for his services, but I get most of the payment back from my insurance company. Even if I had to pay for his services completely, I'd STILL see him. That's how much I like him.

– July 26, 2011 from ratemds.com

When I became pregnant I switched from my regular ob/gyn to Dr. Sassoon because I wanted someone with a lot of experience. Dr. Sassoon was so accessible and knowledgeable that I never had a moment to worry during my pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy he was reassuring, compassionate and funny. When it came time for delivery he handled everything so gracefully and with such expertise and precision from start to finish. He takes his job of bringing your baby safely into the world very seriously. He is very careful and attentive and really does not leave anything to chance. My insurance company reimbursed 80% of all of the office visits we had paid out of pocket for, but even if they hadn't it would have been well worth it!

– November 11, 2010 from ratemds.com

I have been going to Al for over 20 years and he is a very thorough, caring doctor.

– April 12, 2010 from ratemds.com

Dr. Sassoon is wonderful. I had to have a large endometiromal ovarian cyst removed. With his combination of compassion and surgical skill, I felt I was in the best of hands. He made a very scary time much less so. Pre-op and post-op questions were always answered right away, even on weekends. On the day of surgery, each member of his entire surgical/anesthesial team met with me individually to introduce themselves, to review what they would be doing, and to ask questions. My husband and I were both comforted by the care and consideration they showed. He checked on me every day after surgery until I was released. His office staff is warm, pleasant and knowledgeable. I never have a problem making appointments. Finally, I was also very grateful that, although I chose a different type of surgery than he originally suggested, he worked with me to honor my wishes despite it making his job harder.

– December 8 , 2009 from ratemds.com

Dr. Sassoon is a wonderful ob/gyn. His skill as both obstetrics and gynecology are superb. I have been his patient for 10 years and I am very happy with all care. His staff is kind, appointments are fairly easy to acquire (within a week or less) and the doctor has an extremely good bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr.Sassoon for any ob/gyn care be it yearly check ups or for a problematic issue. He is also excellent with first-time younger patients. My daughters went to him for their first gynecological exams and said he made it very easy for them. It was a gentle, fast exam and he then spoke with them privately in his office. I give 5 stars to Dr. Sassoon.

– August 3, 2009 from ratemds.com